The difference between equality and equity, and how Medium can rise above

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There is a flurry of articles and blog posts around the recent Medium news. Everyone seems to be weighing in, and I’ve already done my share.

It’s not up to the individual to save the world

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Consumption and the capitalist dream. America loves it. I love it. The rise of dopamine when we press “place order” is doubled when we get another jolt of dopamine from a package at our front door a few days later. Almost as exciting as the feeling of getting a birthday present. Gift wrapped in a perfect box for our pleasure and enjoyment.

The invention of the motion picture is quintessentially American

“Horse in Motion,” Eadweard Muybridge

The cigar smoke in Leland Stanford’s parlor hung heavy in the air. The lucky men who attended Stanford’s elaborate dinner party in the spring of 1872 were brimming with privilege and money. Their wool vests barely buttoned around their swollen stomachs. Brandy in their hands, they discussed the current events of the day from the sweetness of Stanford’s mansion in San Francisco.

October 20th, 1971

By Georges Biard

Hello! Welcome to the TurnedUp Newsletter #1

Children with chronic, complex mental illnesses deserve the same destigmatizing as ASD

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The double doors of the clinic automatically opened when I walked towards them. Welcoming me into the sterile, neutral-toned, overly grey medical building. I noticed the check-in desk to the left. Living in Seattle for only three weeks, one of my first tasks after moving three thousand miles away was getting my son’s psychiatric medications prescribed by a new provider in Seattle.

Examining the lyrics of two of his most controversial songs about women

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Eminem and I are almost the same age, and it feels apropos to write this article and mention our age similarities. I am definitely not in the category of stalker, or super fan. It’s not weird, so don’t make it sound weird, OK. I have been a fan of Eminem’s work for twenty years.

1997 was a bad year for love

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The sun.

I am not sure it’s necessary, but it’s personal.

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Sitting on crinkly paper in a hospital gown, my naked butt kept moving impatiently. Each move sent the noise from the paper echoing through the room. My feet dangled off the side of the exam table. It made me feel small, uneasy, unbalanced

Is implicit bias in the new algorithm for monetization pushing women off Medium

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I started writing on medium in 2019, and the algorithm for monetization was changed around the same time. Medium went from an algorithm based on claps, to an algorithm based on time readers spent reading your article. This change occurred right before I started writing.

Racism and Misogyny and the harassment of women of color

By Office of the Governor-General —, CC BY 4.0

There is an uptick of negative Meghan Markle news popping up in what feels like an intentional smear from Buckingham Palace ahead of a rare interview with Oprah airing Friday, March 7th, with Harry and Meghan

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